My services include writing, content development, custom publication management, and media relations. I can structure content for use in any media, from a company blog to a Facebook page to a trade magazine or professional journal.


  • Websites

    Your website is the first interaction most people have with your business. Whether they stay long enough to start a relationship with you, or click away to a competitor’s site, depends mostly on your site’s content. I know how to pinpoint the key benefits of your product or service, and how to tell your customers why those benefits are just what they need.

  • Blogs and Newsletters

    A newsletter or blog is a great way to stay in touch with customers and to move them along in the buying journey. I have written newsletters and blogs for major manufacturers as well as for luxury builders and remodelers. My goal is always to provide real value to the customer and to position you as the expert in your niche.

  • Case Studies

    Case studies are one of the best ways to boost your credibility. Everyone loves a good story, and a story about how your product or service solved a customer’s problem is a powerful piece of marketing. These stories are so effective that I’m shocked more companies don’t capitalize on them. I prefer easy-to-read case studies in a clear, problem-solution-benefit format.

  • White Papers and Feature Articles

    If you’re selling a complex product or service, or if you simply want to position your company as a leader in its field, then a thoroughly researched and well-written white paper or feature article will lend great credibility. Lessons learned from years of researching and writing about complex technologies helps make their case in clear language.

  • Advertorials

    An advertorial is a published article that’s sponsored by your company and that provides real value to readers. My experience writing features for leading consumer and trade magazines means I can create advertorials that get read, and that position your product or service as the solution to readers’ problems.

  • Collaborative Writing

    Would you like to share your expertise with colleagues or customers but don’t have the time, ability, or inclination to write? Some of my most satisfying work has been helping experts get recognition by helping them write and publish articles. I can work with your manuscript or I can write the article from notes taken during a phone conversation. (You talk, I write!) Either way, you get the final say on content, and you get all the credit.

  • Press Materials

    Editors receive thousands of press releases each year, and they decide whether or not to keep reading after the first few sentences. I know this firsthand: as a magazine editor I received – and deleted – more bad releases than I care to remember. But that doesn’t have to happen to you. When you work with me you get someone who understands what catches an editor’s eye, someone who knows how to write press materials that get read – and published.

Custom Publishing

As editor and editor-in-chief I helped launch and run trade publications, from initial concept and design to day-to-day management of editorial, budget, and personnel. As a corporate communicator I launched and managed a successful online brand-building newsletter for a major fixture manufacturer that reached thousands of customers every month. I can help devise and manage a cost-effective custom publication for your company.

Media Relations

The goal of a media relations campaign is to generate leads for your sales force by getting your products and people featured in the publications and websites that your customers read. I have helped clients get their products in front of millions of potential customer this way, and have done so for a fraction of the cost charged by a full-service PR agency.

I work with online and print media covering several relevant verticals. I also work with editors to get hands-on reviews of your products, as well as interviews of your key people.

In addition to getting you published, I can also serve as your company’s editorial contact, and can fulfill all requests from editors. That includes forwarding additional information or product samples, securing photography, and setting up interviews. This type of prompt follow-up is usually the difference between getting published and getting passed over.