BIM Articles and Case Studies

Making BIM Non-Negotiable

In the early 2000’s Wilmington, NC-based Logan Homes was known for its 20+ year track record of building fine custom homes. That was until company president D Logan decided he had had enough of the complexity. Read More

Adapting to an Evolving Landscape

This builder’s experience shows how BIM adapts to an evolving business. Although Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a relatively new concept to many in the homebuilding industry, the technology has been available since at least the early 2000’s and has proven itself in the AEC world.Read More

How BIM Technology Earns Its Keep in Affordable Homes

Affordable homes are often cookie-cutter products with little or no choice offered to the buyer. Portage, Michigan-based Allen Edwin is taking a different approach, with a line of new homes aimed at first-time buyers that also offers those buyers lots of design and product options. Read More

A New Approach to Design

The move from traditional CAD to Building Information Modeling (BIM) is no small task. It’s a change management project that requires an investment of time and money and that compels staff to learn new ways of doing their jobs. Seeing this process through is easier for companies with a strong motivation to succeed. Read More

Roadblocks to BIM

Here at The Alliance, we talk a lot about the benefits that builders can reap from implementing BIM into their businesses. Take for example the ability to better control costs, manage options and drive affordability or the possibility of delivering high performance housing with greater quality and profitability. Read More

Are You Ready for BIM?

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is one of homebuilding’s biggest potential game changers. Being able to link a 3D home model to an array of underlying databases—estimating, product specifications, engineering and more—brings lots of benefits. Read More

Offsite Construction Content

Systems Thinking

It’s logical to assume that the quality control made possible by manufacturing components in a factory will make it easier to build high-performance homes. One company taking advantage of that is Unity Homes in Walpole, New Hampshire. Read More

Housing Innovation Alliance

Mapping The Industry’s Future

Innovation is the path to delivering new homes that are built to the highest standards of quality, performance and value—and are affordable and attainable. The Alliance is digging into all of the areas a production home builder must consider to evolve their business and their offering. Read More

Business Management Articles
Lead Generation Assets

Boosting Profits With a Materials Management Program

Most builders would be shocked to learn how much poor materials management is costing them. A customized change program can have an immediate payback. On the jobsite, the words “set it over there for now,” are a red flag, a sign that the builder does not have a plan for how to manage material shipments. Read More

Cheap Water No More

Rising water and sewer rates will be among the biggest challenges facing facility owners and managers in coming years. Those owners and managers will need to invest as much in water conservation as they have in energy efficiency over the past several years, and will need to find savings in places they previously ignored. Read More

Subflooring: The Hidden Asset

You can’t see the subfloor in a finished home, but that doesn’t diminish its importance. The subfloor is as responsible—if not more responsible—for the entire flooring project’s success as is the finish floor, so skimping on quality just isn’t worth the risk. Read More

Why You Need 3D Modeling

UILDERS WHO HAVE used 3D modeling software say it’s a game changer. “Today you need this technology to stay ahead of the competition,” says Michael Strong, COO of Los Angeles-area Structure Home. Read More