Ben Walker

Charlie has collaborated with me for a year on a monthly column, and his work has been a great investment. As a company that makes very specialized niche products, Retrotec needs clear, engaging marketing content that accurately conveys the value we offer. Charlie ensures that. Prospects actually bring up these columns at trade shows and…

Jenny Simon

Charlie’s work has been a great investment for IBACOS. He has collaborated with our consulting staff for three years on a monthly column that we publish in an industry trade magazine. He has been able to translate their expertise into clear, easy-to-understand prose that speaks directly to our target audience and that raises our brand…

John Tooley
Senior Consultant, Advanced Energy Corp.

“Charlie in his unique way takes the complex and makes it simple and enjoyable. In this rushed world this is worth a lot of money. I’m so glad I found him!”

Dennis Dixon
Dixon Ventures, Inc., Consultant, Speaker, and Author

“Charlie has excellent listening skills, and can clarify the information presented, both in verbal and written communications. Raw wheat goes in, extruded pasta comes out!”

Dennis DuRoff
Business Coach and Management Consultant

“Charlie has been supporting our efforts for over a year and I could not be happier with his work. His writing is crisp, accurate and beautifully crafted, and he works hard to insure that it meets our clients’ needs. He is on time, as promised, every time. He has been a tremendous addition to our…

Clark Ellis
Principal and Co-Founder, Continuum Advisory Group

“Charlie has a keen understanding of how to communicate key points of value to his audience. He worked with our consulting team to take a complex and detailed service offering and developed a clear and concise piece of content that resonates with our clients. His ability to quickly grasp the core ideas of a situation…

Tracy Collins
Marketing Communications Manager, Huber Engineered Woods

“Charlie was hired as a freelancer for a white paper on our building materials. He was excellent to work with. He came highly recommended by one of the largest publishers in the building industry and delivered beyond expectations. My team is extremely picky about our message and has very high expectations for every project. Charlie…

Cati O’Keefe
Editorial Director, Green Builder Media

“I have been working with Charlie Wardell for more than a decade now and have used him on a wide variety of editorial projects—writing, editing, and editorial project management. In every instance, he has delivered a professional product on time and on budget. Charlie is particularly good at explaining technical information and complex concepts and,…

Joel Williams
GreenHouse Digital + PR

“I have hired Charlie for several technical case study projects and have very much enjoyed working with him. He is an independent self-starter who I can count on to complete any project I give him on time, within budget, and without the need for supervision. Our clients are very particular about descriptions of their products…

Betsy Scott
Housing Innovation Alliance

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Charlie on ongoing editorial and a couple of deep dive content development projects for the Alliance. Charlie brings a wealth of knowledge in the housing industry to the table. He is great at identifying experts, interviewing and extracting insights from a wide variety of people. He can deliver…

Lisa Whelan
Hanley Wood Marketing

“Charlie is more than a freelance writer- he’s become a critical member of our team and brings a wealth of housing industry knowledge to our projects: editorial articles, case studies, and native advertising. Charlie is our “go-to” for large clients who require advanced content creation. He gives careful consideration to strategy and offers his knowledge…

James Brew
Board of Directors, MF Technologies, Inc

“One of Charlie’s stories attracted nearly 600 inquiries from all 50 States and several other countries.”